Why Hire B&T Construction for Professional Custom Pole Barn Construction in Perry County, Ohio

A pole barn is a building that is chiefly constructed of large wooden poles, regionally known as "spars." Because their design needs less precision than other structures, pole barns cost less in labor. This term is most applied to buildings where the primary frame, flooring, and walls are all wood. Spars, either individually or in clusters, are bound with things like wooden screws or wire nails.

Your usual pole barn is long, rectangular, and one to three stories tall. The frame is usually comprised of posts and beams; a post is an upright log used for structure. Spars are tied together and fitted with beams to make the barn's walls. Pole barns are designed with three features in mind.

1. Storage space
2. Cost
3. Durability

B&T Construction has developed a reputation for our high-quality, cost-efficient pole barns that are equally viable as residential or commercial structures. Even when looking beyond our expertise with pole barns, B&T is a name associated with quality and reliability. We produce pole barns that are made to only the highest of quality according to a five-point plan.


The quality is the most important when it comes to constructing any building. We have always provided our customers with the best quality materials and construction to give our customers the greatest experience. This is also the reason why our pole barns are constructed out of modern materials, premium technologies, and top-end equipment.


The better a building's quality, the greater its durability will be. We have maintained a competitive leader thanks to our high standards for quality and we know that our customers appreciate it.

First-Class Equipment

When it comes to building a pole barn B&T Construction has access to quality tools, meaning we can handle the best materials and operate with minimal waste materials. Beyond our capability to build reliable pole barns, we also have the knowledge and proficiency to ensure your barn can be installed swiftly and efficiently.

Quick Building Services

B&T Construction knows that there are some services and features that our customers want without delay, and we do our best to provide those services at the speed and efficiency we have built our reputation on.

Customer Satisfaction

B&T Construction stakes its reputation on our ability to meet customer goals, giving you a product that is not only what you wanted but in a manner that leaves you with customer satisfaction. We understand how hard it is to find a company that "gets" you these days and we hope that you will contact B&T Construction to be the team you choose for your next pole barn project in Perry County, Ohio.